Consumer Choices?

By William Park | Published November 25th, 2012

Can consumer choice be a driver of change? The answer is yes, provided that consumers make informed decisions based on awareness of how their purchases impact others and our planet. If, however, all the available products are produced by the same corporations using the same shortsighted and destructive methods and there is no meaningful labeling,…

Amazon Women Working Together

By Carla Noain | Published September 30th, 2012

Our mission of doing things right at Eco Ola extends beyond our partner farms and into the local community. In addition to sharing sustainable agriculture techniques with independent local farmers, we’ve also started our own, small-scale, microfinance endeavor. As a mother of two and co-running Eco Ola, I appreciate and understand the challenges of motherhood…

Visit the Amazon with Eco Ola

By Nick Anderson | Published April 5th, 2012

Be part of the solution! Join Eco Ola for a hands-on opportunity to restore rainforest and experience the real Amazon, inaccessible to casual tourists. We are offering a 10 day intensive permaculture course that includes green building, agroforestry, apiculture, mycology, use of draft animals, and building plant guilds like with our Eco Ola Sacha Inchi….

A Random Meeting Leads to ………

By Nick Anderson | Published April 5th, 2012

A chance encounter with permaculturist Rick Pickett led to the formation of Eco Ola’s permaculture workshops in Iquitos, Peru. Here is his account of his first experience with Eco Ola. The beauty of long-term travel, aside from being out of an office for an extended period of time, is the flexibility that can potentially develop….

Eco Ola on Wiser Earth

By Nick Anderson | Published December 9th, 2011

  In 2008, Carla and her husband founded Eco-Ola, a soon to be B-Corporation, which sustainably produces Amazonian food. Products such as the sacha inchi which literally means the ‘peanuts of the Incas’. Their goal? To not only to run a successful business which improves the lives of farmers and the communities which help to…