Toasted Macambo Beans

The New Kid On The Block
Cut Macambo Fruit

You may have heard of Macambo’s famous cousin, Cacao. However, did you know that a Macambo seed contains 31% Fiber and a 45% Omega-9 all in a ready to eat delicious snack? For generations Amazonian locals have cooked the seeds for breakfast, and with good reason as the Macambo beans provide sustained energy for long hard work days in the brutal equatorial heat. For those seeking a healthy lifestyle, Macambo beans make for a perfect meal replacement snack as well as an all-day-energy source for endurance athletes or those who work long hours.

Bite Sized Energy Fix

The large fruit pods of the Macambo tree are opened and the pulp and beans carefully removed. Similar to Cacao, the beans and pulp are fermented in large boxes for approximately three days. After fermentation, the beans are then gently toasted in a rotary dehydrator at 200°F. Once a perfect level of crunchiness is obtained, the select highest quality beans are ready for packaging leaving you with a delicious snack ready for consumption.

The dry roasted, select Macambo beans are available in 15kg 3 ply foodgrade bags. Also available in 100g retail ready stand up pouches.