Model Farm

Our Model Farm is located near Iquitos, Peru, at the headwaters of the Amazon River. The surrounding rainforest is among the most biodiverse habitats on earth. The banks of the rivers winding through this rainforest are inhabited by a struggling populace, desperate for opportunities to better their livelihoods. By partnering with the local farmers to grow delicious and healthy superfoods, we can both improve their standard of living and safeguard the biodiversity of the remaining rainforest.

Our Model Farm is a scalable project, incorporating elements of agro-ecology and permaculture. As we innovate, observe, and adapt we are always striving for greater efficiency. For us scalability means growth without compromise.

The Eco-Ola Partnership

Our method starts with identifying hard working farmers aspiring to improve their situation.

We assist farmers in obtaining free and clear titles to their land by resolving outstanding issues.

Our agronomists live and work with our farmers. This close collaboration readies our farmers for managing their own projects.

Our contracts with our partner farmers exceed Fair Trade standards. We offer Floor Pricing, Guaranteed Sale and Opportunity for Advancement to all our partner farmers.