Team Members

Carla Noain
Founder & President
Carla Noain has a deep understanding of the people, the region, and the business environment in Peru. Growing up in Peru she enjoyed many foods that were not available in the rest of the world; her goal in developing Eco Ola is to bring these foods to the world market. Carla believes that good stewardship of the land in partnership with the people makes for better business. Carla has witnessed firsthand the ecological destruction and suffering in the Amazon Rainforest that has been inflicted in the name of progress. She is a firm believer in the power of business to create real and sustainable advancement in Peru. Her goal in developing Eco Ola is to create a business model that will deliver amazing products to the world market, strengthen communities, and increase the biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest.
William Park
Co-Founder and CEO
William Park brings a strong understanding of the Amazon, sustainable agriculture, and the natural foods industry to Eco Ola. Bill’s interest in sustainable farming began as a child when his parents took him to visit Frank Ford, the founder of what later became Arrowhead Mills. His interest in sustainable agricultural practices was strengthened during his years living in Peru and exploring the Amazon. During his expeditions deep into the Amazon Bill observed the enormous and untapped diversity of resources in the rainforest. Bill’s goal with Eco Ola is to develop the sustainable resources in conjunction with the local communities, which he believes is the best way to conserve the Amazon and strengthen local economies.

Bill has 10 years of experience in the natural foods industry where he worked on product development and managed sales for Dash Hemp in Santa Cruz, CA. Through years of advocacy and introducing green products to the larger conventional market, he is well prepared to bring forward Eco Ola’s new products to the world market. Bill graduated with a B.A. in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz.
Federico Rodriguez
Partner Farmer
Federico Rodriguez has been farming in the Peruvian Amazon for thirty six years. Prior to working with Eco Ola Federico was a subsistence farmer, growing bananas and yucca. He also worked with various government projects such as fish farming and water buffalo ranching. These projects typically lent money to farmers at high interest rates, but did not provide sufficient training or marketing. He has seen many of his fellow farmers go into debt or lose their land as a result of some of these programs. Working with Eco Ola, Federico is now part of the business, and he can now sell his produce on the world market. Federico’s high yield farm now serves as an example and training ground for Eco Ola’s growing network of farmers in the Amazon.
Lilibeth Mendoza
Lilibeth provides technical expertise to Eco Ola’s partner farmers. She advises them on how to produce high yields using organic growing methods and on planning and management strategies. She is currently a graduate student at The National University in Iquitos, Peru, where she is studying Agronomy. She enjoys teaching farmers how to improve production on their farms, profoundly improving the lives of their families and the vitality of their land. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from The National University in Iquitos, Peru.
Paola Bances
Legal Council
Paola manages all legal issues for Eco Ola. Her primary responsibilities include helping farmers resolve land title issues and contracts. Paola ensures that all parties act in accordance with fair trade and organic principles. Paola also has her own private legal practice in Iquitos. She received her law degree from The National University of Peru.
Cristina Rojas
Managing Partner, Perú
Cristina manages Eco Ola’s day to day operations in Peru. Cristina was born and raised in Iquitos, Peru. After completing her education, she worked her way up to become a manager of a local finance company. Her experience and knowledge of the local community as well as her network of business contacts make her an invaluable member of the Eco Ola team. Cristina joined the team because she saw the farming partnerships Eco Ola is creating as a sound way to provide sustainable jobs in the local community.
Rider Rodriguez
Farm Manager
Rider manages all aspects of Eco Ola’s farming operations. He excels as both a farm foreman and agricultural innovator. Rider grew up on his family’s farm in the Amazon Rainforest. Prior to working with Eco Ola, Rider worked as a taxi driver in the city of Iquitos, Peru. After hearing about Eco Ola, Rider decided to return to his family’s farm and help develop the family business in partnership with Eco Ola. After successfully applying sustainable farming techniques on his family’s land, Rider now trains farmers across the Amazon on Eco Ola’s farming techniques.