Project Restoration

By Nick Anderson | Published December 9th, 2011

Don’t get depressed and stop reading because there are solutions to this seemingly insurmountable problem. In Peru the cycle of destruction starts with logging the valuable hardwoods then introducing cattle. Without planting forage crops or using rotational grazing the pastures quickly become overgrazed; the thin soil erodes and the only plants left tend to be…

Cholesterol Lowered!

By Nick Anderson | Published December 8th, 2010

The image above shows my father’s lab results after a recent visit to the doctor. For years he has been taking Lipitor, a statin, to control his cholesterol levels. Last year he began to have pain in his legs which gave him trouble walking, to which his doctor suggested the Lipitor could be the cause….

Eco Ola Begins Video

By Nick Anderson | Published December 7th, 2010

How did Eco Ola begin? Why did we start a business in the Peruvian Amazon? See the video about the founding of our company here! Which includes video of our Sacha Inchi farm and Superfoods business.

Certification Madness

By Nick Anderson | Published November 19th, 2010

People want products that they feel good about. This means free of chemical residues; free of unhealthy ingredients; and produced by companies that treat their workers and the environment with high ethical standards. The system currently used to demonstrate these great qualities consists of becoming certified, in not just one, but multiple areas. Unfortunately, this…

Around and About the Amazon

By Nick Anderson | Published November 8th, 2010

Visit these scenes of life in the Peruvian Amazon. See how people travel on the Amazon, in everything from giant ferry boats to tiny canoes. See images of contemporary hunter gatherers as well as workers in the bustling ports. See also a Shaman preparing his medicine and images of the remote wilderness frontier along the…