Cholesterol Lowered!

The image above shows my father’s lab results after a recent visit to the doctor. For years he has been taking Lipitor, a statin, to control his cholesterol levels. Last year he began to have pain in his legs which gave him trouble walking, to which his doctor suggested the Lipitor could be the cause. After going off the Lipitor, his legs improved, but his cholesterol levels increased once again. His doctor then advised him to take Omega-3’s to lower his cholesterol without the side-effects.

How did he end up bringing his cholesterol back down? Lucky for him, his son happened to have a connection for tons of Sacha Inchi seeds and oil! We put him on a diet that consisted of daily Sacha Inchi. We called it the “12 a Day” diet… eating just 12 Sacha Inchi seeds a day. Sacha Inchi is rich in the Omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-Linolenic acid(ALA). ALA has been shown to reduce cholesterol and improve cardiac heath. Within a matter of months my father’s bad cholesterol levels(LDH) went down from 205 points to 182, a significant change and primarily due to Sacha Inchi! He stopped taking the Lipitor in April and started eating 12 Sacha Inchi seeds a day in May. If he stopped eating all the bacon and sausage who knows what his numbers would be?

This is just a testament to the health benefits of Sacha Inchi. It lowers bad cholesterol…and that’s just one benefit! Visit our “Be Healthy” section to learn more about Omegas and Essential Fatty Acids.  Eco Ola’s Sacha Inchi is indeed powerful!

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