Toasted Sacha Inchi Crunchy

A Delightful Crunch.
Sacha Inchi Inside, Sesame Outside

Our Crunchy Flavor Sacha Inchi Seeds are rolled in toasted, ground sesame seeds to give them a delightful, savory, crunchy shell. Get all the benefits of eating Sacha Inchi seed (including Omega-3’s and complete protein) while enjoying a delicious snack.

Sesame Sacha
Inchi Snack

The best known source of Omega-3’s, Sacha Inchi seeds are an unheard-of 25% Omega-3’s by weight. Just 12 seeds a day contain enough Omega-3’s to lower your cholesterol. Check our Benefits Section to see more about what Sacha Inchi does for your body.

What is Sacha Inchi?

In Quechua, the language of the Incas, Sacha Inchi (SAH-CHA INCH-EE) means “The People’s Seeds.” Grown on vines in the Peruvian Amazon, Sacha Inchi is harvested from star-shaped seed pods.

Crunchy Sacha Inchi has many uses. It’s a great addition to any trail or snack mix. It’s perfect by itself, or it can be included wherever seeds or nuts are used.

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