Camu Camu Sun Dried

Sun Dried
to Perfection.
Sweet, Tangy and Delicious.

Did we mention Vitamin C? And full of bioflavenoids? Eco Ola’s Sun Dried Camu Camu is grown in the Peruvian Amazon and naturally dried for the highest retention of Vitamin C. Sweetened with Cane Juice, our Camu Camu has the perfect balance of tangy and sweet.

Get your C Boost!

Camu Camu is an Amazonian superfruit that grows in the flooded forests and is harvested by canoe. The Rainforest Locals value Camu Camu for its mood elevating properties. Scientific studies have shown that it’s beneficial for cardiac health.

Eco Ola’s Sun Dried Camu Camu makes a great snack. It’s perfect by itself, or it can be included wherever dried fruits are used.

Eco Ola’s farm-to-you vertical integration guarantees competitive pricing. We offer Sun Dried Camu Camu in bulk or with private label. Please click one of the links below for more detailed information, including MOQ: