Aguaje Oil

Super Fruit, Super Oil.
Did we mention Vitamins?

Aguaje Oil is packed with so much Vitamin A (33mg/100g) that it gives the oil its bright orange colour. With 21 times more Vitamin A (33mg/100g) than carrots and 25 times more Vitamin E (68mg/100g) than avocados, Aguaje is true super oil.

Natural Beauty

What’s the Amazonian secret to endless youth? Popular for centuries amongst Amazonian locals, the oil effectively protects against sun damage and restores vibrancy to the skin.

Helping local communities

The Aguaje palms tower up to 45 metres above the forest floor! Eco-Ola provides special climbing equipment and training, working hand in hand with local communities. Eco-Ola is very proud to be part of this important conservation effort that not only provides sustainable income for remote Amazonian communities but also helps preserve the great biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest.

Aguaje Oil makes a delicious addition to any healthy meal. It can be directly applied to the skin or used a material for high quality natural cosmetic products.