Common Sense

Old Proverbs

Fresh air impoverishes the doctor. Better to pay the Chef than the Doctor. In other words, play outside and eat well.

Common Sense

When it comes to your Health,
Knowledge is Power, but
Action is Required.

Assaulted every day by unsolicited health advice, how does a person know which products are in their best interest? Fad diets, new miracle products, quick fix pharmaceuticals, re-branded junk foods, elixirs of all sorts compete for attention. What is one to do? How can one make the best choices for the body and the pocketbook?

Know Your Ingredients!

Even when you are in a hurry, read the ingredients. Don’t be mislead by tricky labeling. People eat food, so ingredients that are not food do not belong in your diet. If you have to ask your chemist friend what it is, don’t eat it. Synthetic vitamins do little for your body and can be toxic in high doses. At best it’s easy come, easy go. Vitamins have never existed in nature by themselves. Nowhere would you find a pile of pure vitamins. In the natural world, vitamins exist in foods with co-factors and many other substances, and our bodies have evolved to utilize such foods and not synthetic isolates. For instance, Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) synthesized from petroleum and Vitamin E isolated from spinach are chemically identical. But the Vitamin E in the spinach is accompanied by numerous other tocopherols and co-factors that make the alpha-tocopherol usable by our bodies.

General Do’s

  • Read before you buy.
  • Eat real foods.
  • Make time for meals.
  • Leave the table hungry.
  • Go outside.

Definite Don’ts

  • Buy junk, you will eat it.
  • Eat refined foods.
  • Eat fast food – ever!
  • Wolf it down.
  • Just sit there!