Company Overview

Eco Ola delivers Amazonian Superfoods that are Delicious, Healthy, and Done Right. We maintain the highest standards of excellence in how we grow our food, how we treat our partner farmers, how we interact with the environment, and how we deliver our food to you. Efficiency for us means a better value for our customers. And what’s more- we craft our practices to benefit the communities and environment where we farm.

Why are they called Superfoods? Because they’re packed with nutrients! Our products, even in small portions, are loaded with Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Fiber, and more. When we say we offer the best foods, we mean it- Superfoods are our specialty.

In processing our foods, we adhere to the same standards as we do in growing them. We’re always looking for ways to do things better. We constantly seek out new products and innovative methods of processing. As we increase the efficiency of production, our ongoing research has resulted in maximizing the concentration of nutrients and increasing shelf life without the use of additives or chemicals. When you sample our foods, you will taste the difference!

Co-Founded by Carla Noain and William Park, Eco-Ola was born in the Peruvian Amazon. Our mission: Producing delectable nutritious foods for our customers while preserving the biodiversity of the surrounding rainforest and improving the lands and the lives of our farmers. A good farm is not a wilderness, but it does allow corridors for the movement of wildlife and prevents devastation from the fragmentation of habitats. Our farms are part of the eco-system, not something imposed upon it. Our agronomists lead the way in innovative methods of nurturing these tropical foods so as to maximize yields and nutritional content. We actually improve the land while we raise the standard of living of the farmers who are part of the Eco-Ola family. More and more studies show that crops grown without petro-chemical fertilizers and bio-cides have more nutrition than conventionally grown crops. They taste better too! Every aspect of our farming practices is viewable to the public. We’re proud to be a company that our customers can feel good about supporting.